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Dental Trauma

If you sustain a traumatic dental injury, contact our friendly receptionist immediately. Avulsed or lost teeth must be treated as soon as possible to ensure the tooth vitality has the best chance of survival.

When an adult tooth is knocked out, try to clean the gum and gently rinse the root as quickly as possible, no longer than 10sec. If available at the time, replant the tooth into the socket. Alternatively make your way to the practice as soon as a possible for one of our dentists to replant the tooth back into the socket.

Make sure you store the tooth in the saliva inside your mouth or, if this is not possible, store the tooth in milk.

Broken Teeth

While no one wants a broken tooth or teeth, it’s not considered a dental emergency unless the tooth is cutting into your mouth or causing you pain.

If you’re not experiencing discomfort we will find the first available appointment with our dentists. In the meantime, keep the area clean and avoid eating on that section of your mouth.

Toothache or Dental Abscess

Severe toothaches and dental abscesses are treated as a dental emergency. It’s important to contact our dentists as quickly as possible so we may help alleviate your discomfort and prevent the infection from spreading to other areas.

Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth erupt, there should be only minor discomfort. However, some wisdom teeth can cause problems if there’s not enough room in the mouth. These impacted teeth will have to be assessed by our dentists as they may have to be removed. Wisdom teeth may be taken out at our practice or you may be referred to a specialist oral surgeon.

Dental Extractions

There are many reasons why our dentists may suggest a dental extraction. These include tooth decay, periodontal disease, tooth trauma, orthodontics and some medical conditions.

Blakehurst Dental is dedicated to ensuring the extraction process is as stress-free as possible. Our dental team will thoroughly assess and x-ray your tooth. If you have developed an abscess, we’ll check your medical history before prescribing antibiotics which may be required to calm the infection prior to extraction.

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